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Take the Leap

Posted by Darlene on December 20, 2016 at 3:00 PM

What has been a help in the past can turn into a hindrance in the future.  I think about this in terms of our living quarters.  Our previous home in Michigan was a beautiful home, well-maintained and very comfortable.  In fact it was getting too comfortable.  What had sheltered us for almost 40 years, providing us with a safe place to grow and expand had slowly begun to feel like a confined and restricted habitat.  The growth stopped along with the expansion.  It was a safe and secure place, for sure, but it no longer fed our spirits.   What helped us grow in the past had now become a hindrance to any future growth.  We knew that if we wanted to continue to expand and experience new adventures in life, we needed to change our environment.  We needed to move. 

We sold our home and moved to a different city in a different state, a city in which we casually knew only one person.  Asheville is a magnificently beautiful city that is surrounded by mountains and forests, lakes and waterfalls, rivers and rapids.  While this move has had many ups and downs, we don't regret for a moment that we made the change.  Through all of the challenges, all the new and exciting adventures, we felt (and continue to feel) more alive than we have ever felt.  It is this aliveness that feeds our soul and confirms for us that we made the right decision.  The picture below was taken on one of our hikes in the mountains and expresses how we feel about life.

There are no guarantees in life, but there are missed opportunities.  You can play it safe and stay on the beach, wondering what it would be like to be splashing about in the crystal-clear water.  Or you can ever-so-cautiously dip your toe in the water slowly easing yourself into a different environment. Or you can risk it all and jump in the lake with both feet even before you know the temperature of the water.  Maybe today is your day to jump.  If so, jump with full abandonment and enjoy the adventure.

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