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A Very Special Mother's Day Hike

Posted by Darlene on June 3, 2017 at 9:20 AM

It was the perfect day for hiking, pleasant weather, just the right mixture of sun and clouds and a gentle wind that brushed your cheeks with the freshness of outdoors.  I took advantage of these optimal conditions by enjoying a 3 1/2 hour hike on one of my favorite trails.  While the entire hike felt like a blessing and filled my heart with much gratitude, it was the last five minutes of this adventure that really touched my heart.             


I was relishing the peace and tranquility of my hike when suddenly I heard a loud snort behind me.  I turned around quickly and noticed a momma bear chasing her young cub up a tree.  Not wanting to mess with momma, I just as quickly turned back to my path to continue my hike.  But my curiosity got the best of me.  The cub looked so cute and it is a rare experience to witness a mother and her offspring so close.  Could I get another look at this precious sight.  So I once again turned around on my path, but this time to find momma staring directly at me with an intense look that said, "Don't you dare mess with me or my baby!"  Without hesitation I immediately pivoted back to my path hiking at a faster than normal pace, never looking back again.  This encounter was too close for comfort so I was greatly relieved to find myself safely at the trailhead a few minutes later.         

Bear itself is an intriguing animal that holds deep symbolism.  Because of its practice of going into hybernation or semi-hybernation during the winter months, it is often linked to introspection or going within for the purpose of birthing something new.  This was especially relevant to me since I had spent the last few months of winter thinking about a number of projects that I wanted to bring to fruition.  Seeing the cub was a sign to me that it was now time to give birth to those projects.  This was also reinforced by the cub climbing up the tree.              

The tree is an ancient and powerful symbol, often seen as a link between heaven and earth.  It is also a symbol of fertility and growth.  "Branch out and share your projects with the world" was the message I heard.  Finally momma bear was telling me to watch over and protect my projects, just as she was protecting her cub.  Give them freedom to grow and evolve, but direct them ever-so-gently to unfold as a product of my passion.  To have all of this happen on Mother's Day was so significant.  Nature never misses a beat, or an opportunity to gently push us forward.  Thank you, Gaia, for the message AND for the extraordinary experience of seeing nature up close and personal......AND for bringing me safely back to the trailhead.  What an adventure!!!

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