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Meetup: Unplug with Nature, Hikes and Walks for the Spirit

This is an awesome meetup for those in the Asheville and Hendersonville NC area.  These hikes and walks are designed for participants who want to connect with nature on a more intimate, deeper level.  When you hike or walk with full awareness of your surroundings, it becomes a transformational experience.  The Spirit of plants, trees and ancient rocks all hold a beautiful vibration that is filled with healing energy and love.  Learn how to tap into these extraordinary gifts of nature and experience new and exhilarating ways to explore the outdoors in WNC.  All hikes and walks are led by an exercise physiologist/energy practitioner/nature lover.  For more information, contact Darlene at 828-273-5567 or  The hikes and walks are held the third and forth Wednesday of each month.

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