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Meditation Gatherings

Whether you are a seasoned meditator or just new to the experience, you can enjoy this blissful gathering of kindered spirits as you join together to journey into the deep spaces of the heart.  Make this day each month "the pause that refreshes" as you release the deadlines and demands of the outer world and tune in to the exquisite peace and traquility that governs the inner sanctuary of the heart.  These gatherings are offered on a love-offering basis and usually held the third Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm.  Occasionally the day is changed, so if you plan on attending, please contact Darlene at 828-273-5567  or through this website by clicking the contact tab above to confirm the date and time.

Unplug with Nature

For more information on programs in nature please go to the Unplug with Nature page.
Mackinac Island Women's Wisdom Weekends

As we involve in consciousness, it becomes more and more important that we take the time to honor the sacredness of our journey, acknowledge our triumphs, and reignite the passion that stirs in our hearts.  Held each year during the last weekend in September, these transformative weekends are great opportunities for women to gather together and support each other as they give birth to their own divine nature and allow the radiance of their spirit to expand.  This magical island weekend is designed to help you rediscover the inner strength and divine wisdom that will not only carry you through these tumultuous times but help you to soar above them.  Your light is needed now more than ever.  Allow your soul to experience the freedom of living from the heart and enjoy the beauty of nature as you surrender to a greater Reality.  This is life as it was meant to be lived.  Let love guide the way. 

Awakening to Immortality:  When we revisit our bodies from the position of the sacred and journey deep into the mystery of our own human potential, we begin to realize that our bodies possess an innate intelligence.  This intelligence includes the power to heal.  Regeneration is built into our very DNA.  In Awakening to Immortality, a workshop designed to stretch your mind and challenge your beliefs, you will learn how the sciences of self-directed neuroplasticity and epigenetics can help you achieve renewed health, increasing vitality and a sharper, more focused mind.  For more information about the next workshop or to be put on the mailing list, contact Darlene at, or 828-273-5567.

Munay Ki

Munay-ki comes from a Quechua word that means "I love you."  Evolving from the ancient traditions and shamanic practices of the Inca, the Munay-ki are a series of 9 rites or initiations designed to launch the participant on an exquisite transformational journey that allows them to live free of fear and reside in their transcending nature.  Through these sacred rites, the participant learns to connect to the wisdom of the ancients, and begins to accept their own sacred role of becoming a steward to all of creation.  This is a powerful workshop that broadens the scope of who we are and what our role is in the evolution of the planet. 

This workshop is facilitated by Darlene in five 1 l/2 hour sessions.  For information on the next scheduled workshop, contact Darlene at 586-979-9060 or through this website by clicking on the contact tab above.  For more detailed information on the Munay-ki, visit  Once on the website, click on "See the Munay-ki video" for additional information.


Private Sessions

Energy work is a very organic, natural experience.  We are all energy beings with a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimension or level to our existence, and each one of these levels affects all the others.  Think about it.  If we are angry, our body tightens and we have a hard time thinking clearly.  Or, if we are performing at the top of our game physically, our emotions are high and our thinking is laser-sharp.  So if we are not feeling up to par, or have a particular health challenge, the chances are that more than the physical body is involved in the state of our overall health or lack of it.

The reason why the mental body, for example, can affect the physical, and the physical body can affect the emotional rests in the fact that there is a unifying energy, called prana or life-force in Eastern thought, that courses through our entire being.  Sometimes this life-force energy is blocked, resulting in "dis-ease" or lack of energy.  Energy work helps to remove these blocks so that the prana is moving freely and the body is then free to self-heal.  The process usually takes place with the client fully dressed, lying on a massage table.  Soft music and candles are sometimes part of the environment, encouraging the client to relax and allow the body to fully respond to the treatment.  The entire process lasts approximately one hour.

One of the major tenents of energy work is the principle of partnership.  Whether the medical malady is a headache, an upset stomach, a tumor or an arthritic shoulder, the practitioner does not "heal" the client but works in partnership with the client.  The main role of the practitioner is to be a conduit for prana to flow through them to the client and to guide the client on using this energy to heal.  While headaches, muscle pain and/or other illnesses have been known to dramatically decrease or disappear after one session, energy work is not a quick fix.  Removing an energy block does not mean it will not reappear.    Many times there is an emotional or mental thought pattern which caused the energy block, so this emotional or thought pattern must be addressed in order for permanent healing to take place.  In other words, the client must change.  While this may seem like more work, it is actually more rewarding and much more empowering.  The client learns that they are in charge of their health and that they have the power to heal themselves.  They learn that it isn't necessarily natural for the body to break down as it ages, but that it has a phenomenal capacity to self-heal.  We just need to support the self-healing with good, healthy habits.

If you are ready to take a more proactive approach to your health and want to become intimately involved in your healing, energy work may just be the step you want to take.  Whether you use this as your only means of health care or add it to traditional, allopathic treatments, energy work can be a huge benefit to your overall health.  For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call Darlene at 586-979-9060.


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